Okay, we are going to tell you about women’s hair loss treatment in Singapore. But, at the same time, we can’t say too much.

Ya lah, tease you until so far, why not we just tell you the solution?

In Singapore, we are not like the US, where every next commercial is a medication advertisement.

Because of the Healthcare Services Act Regulations 2021 (it’s a real thing), MOH-registered company like ours are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health Singapore.

So, even though Cloud Clinic powers telemedicine brands online, DAME still has to abide to “Ah Gong”. *Point up* 

So if you are keen to figure out how you can get legitimate medical advice and treatment online, while chilling in your room. Read on.

DAME is a digital women’s healthcare service focused on sensitive topics. One topic that women often dare not talk about is – HAIR LOSS.

Surprised? That’s because nobody wants to admit it when they have hair loss.

Hair loss for women can be a touchy subject. If you notice your fellow girlfriends at work / school have hair fall, most people tend to keep it to themselves – and judge. When it comes to themselves, they seek all sorts of solutions – shampoos, supplements, hair care routine. Some go even more extreme, using semi-permanent scalp tattoos, hair extensions add-ons, or even wigs.

Why do we judge? Because hair is part of our identity, especially for women. Some people see it as wealth, and more lately, people see it as health. These assumptions are likely to hold some truth.

Why are Singaporean women struggling with hair loss?

Women’s hair loss is actually much less spoken about. When concerns are raised, it is common to undermine the lady’s concern:

“Oh, you are just too stressed from work”

“No lah, you eat too much maggi mee right?”

“You tie your hair too tight lah.”

Worse still, society’s lack of understanding further drives an ignorant acceptance. The best example, being just after giving birth:

“Give birth already surely lose hair one, bo pian”

“Grow old sure botak one what”

As such, women struggling with hair loss are left to fend for themselves.

What are Singaporean Women Using these days?

When it comes to women’s hair loss treatment, cosmetic and supplement companies take a huge portion of the pie. Women are generally more in tune with cosmetic care, hence naturally, they would receive more marketing in the hair loss segment.

Furthermore, women tend to be more averse to taking prescription medications. Concerns regarding hormones and fertility are the top concerns, preventing them from seeking medical advice.

Hence, the medical device industry takes the next big cut. Focused on physical “one-off” procedures, lasers, injectables or even hair transplant target women who are looking for more “aggressive” and “permanent” solutions.

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We always recommend speaking to a doctor before starting any medication.

Why do women still have hair loss?

Hair is indeed a reflection of one’s health. Unlike male pattern hair loss, which is often easy to notice with its classical “M-shape hair loss” or “balding crown”, women’s hair loss is often a mixed bag. But when looked at with a medical lens, a diagnosis can often add to the hair care routine that women already have.

Iron deficiency – especially since women have their “monthlies” (ie. Period)

Vitamin D deficiency
Surprisingly, despite our sunny island, 40% of Singaporeans are deficient of the “sunshine vitamin”

Hormonal imbalances
Any hormonal imbalance is sure to F* up hair growth. For example, PCOS (ie. Polycystic ovary syndrome) 10-15% of Singapore women struggle with this condition that causes hair loss (head) + hair growth (body). A very conflicting presentation

Telogen Effluvium (TE)
Okay, minus the chim medical jargon. This is the one when people say “You too stress lah, that’s why hair drop”.

TL;DR stressful events can accelerate your telogen phase (hair drop phase)

Female pattern hair loss
Yes, you heard it. Your father’s hair loss genetics can be pass to you too.

The ultimate mix bag is this:

Postpartum TE

It’s real. Mummy hair loss is medical science. Although still poorly understood, research has pointed out to 2 likely causes, mentioned previously.

The false hope – Hormone imbalances

“Wah, you got mommy’s / pregnancy glow leh. You are killing it sis!”

The increased estrogen (female hormones) during pregnancy causes an unnatural elongation of the anagen phase (hair growth stage). That results in more luscious hair, and even skin, during pregnancy.

Crashing to the ground – TE

“Why you cut your hair short, dear? I liked it when you had long hair”

*Eyes shifting away guiltily

“No lah, baby keep pulling my hair. So i cut it off” *Sad face

As much as we don’t admit, giving birth and tending to a newborn is an extremely stressful event. The sudden transformation from “Mommy’s glow” to “Mommy is a milk monster” is damn shag.

The science? You no longer have excess female hormones to “boost” your hair growth. Yet, you are losing sleep and tired, hence you are accelerating your hair loss.

Why not just tell us the medication name?

As mentioned, because of the Healthcare Services Act Regulations (it’s a real thing), MOH-registered companies like ours are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health Singapore.

So, even though Cloud Clinic powers telemedicine brands online, DAME still has to abide by “Ah Gong”. *Point up* 

Hence, prescription-based treatments like Oral Minoxidil, Finasteride, Avodart (Dutasteride) or Spironolactone, cannot be promoted online and should always be discussed privately with your trusted doctor. 

Women’s hair loss treatment, a secret unveiled – Lifestyle meets digital health

We are letting you in on our secret. Doctors have treatments for hair loss, and you can actually talk to them on WhatsApp.

Our team at DAME has been quietly building this service since 2023. Building on our experience from men’s health, SIRE, our Cloud Clinic powers the digital experience of consulting a doctor for hair loss with your phone.

We are now ready to show ourselves to our fellow Singaporeans!

Simply visit our website, and in 3 simple steps (Survey – Consult – Deliver), you can speak to a Singapore registered physician and receive your medication, all in the comfort of your home.

What’s even better? We guarantee free discreet deliveries, always.

If you have any questions, you may also drop us a message via WhatsApp.

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