I need a morning after pill in Singapore NOW. Where can I get it ?

I need a morning after pill in Singapore NOW. Where can I get it ?

Reviewed by Dr Bosty Chan, MBChB, MRCS

The need for a morning after pill often comes as an emergency because its effectiveness in preventing pregnancy decreases from the time un-protected or under-protected sex happens.

In Singapore, you would require a doctor’s prescription to get it.

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What is the morning after pill?

The morning after pill is a form of oral emergency contraception used to prevent pregnancy after sexual intercourse. It prevents pregnancy by preventing or delaying ovulation. It does not induce an abortion.

Emergency contraception cannot interrupt an established pregnancy or harm a developing embryo.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), any woman or girl of reproductive age may take emergency contraception to avoid an unwanted pregnancy at any point they require it. There are no absolute medical contraindications to the use of emergency contraception. There are no age limits for the use of emergency contraception.

In Singapore, you would need a prescription to access emergency contraception.

Which brands of morning after pills are available in Singapore?

There are two different brands of morning after pills available in Singapore. They contain different active ingredients that interfere with the female hormone progesterone. 

They work similarly by preventing or delaying ovulation: the process when an egg is released from the ovary. 

If an egg is not released, the sperm cannot meet the egg for fertilisation to happen. With that, pregnancy cannot happen. 

Hence, it is not effective if you are already pregnant. Morning after pills are not pills for abortion. They also do not protect against sexually transmitted infections or HIV.

Levonorgestrel (Postinor 2)

Levonorgestrel is the first morning after pill. It has been around since the 1970s for emergency contraception. It is marketed under the brand “Plan B” in the United States, where it is also available over-the-counter.

In Singapore, Levonorgestrel is marketed under the brand name Postinor 2. Postinor 2 is a series of two tablets. The first Postinor 2 tablet is taken as soon as possible (up to 72 hours) after un-protected or under-protected sex. The second tablet is taken 12 hours later from the time the first tablet was taken.

Ulipristal acetate (Ella)

Ulipristal acetate is marketed under the brand Ella. 

It is a more recent morning after pill in the market, approved for use since 2010. 

Ella is a single dose tablet; it should be taken as soon as possible (up to 120 hours) after un-protected or under-protected sex.

Levonorgestrel (Postinor 2) vs Ulipristal acetate (Ella)

In clinical studies comparing Ulipristal and Levonorgestrel, Ulipristal was found to be more effective in preventing pregnancy in the first 120 hours after un-protected or under-protected sex. 

Risk of pregnancy was found to be up to 1.8% in women who take Ulipristal compared to up to 2.6% in women who take Levonorgestrel.

Research also found that Levonorgestrel is less effective in women with obese-BMI equal to or over 30 kg/m2 compared to Ulipristal.

The wider timeframe in which Ulipristal remains effective (up to 120 hours) compared to Levonorgestrel (up to 72 hours) is an important factor especially in Singapore where a prescription is required to obtain these medications.

However, as Ulipristal is a newer agent in the market, it would cost more compared to Levonorgestrel.

Due to the long history of usage, Levonorgestrel would be more commonly stocked among the clinics or pharmacies in Singapore making it possibly easier to obtain.

Here at Dame, we would recommend Ulipristal when risk of pregnancy is higher, if cost is not a concern. 

You would fall under this category if you have had multiple episodes of un-protected or under-protected sex during your ‘fertile’ period (approximately 12 days prior to the anticipated onset of menses) or if you have irregular periods.

Where can I get morning after pills in Singapore?

In Singapore, access to morning after pills would require a prescription, and that would mean a consultation with a doctor as well. However, not all clinics have emergency contraception and it would be wise to call ahead of time to check.

Time is of the essence here as the effectiveness of morning after pills decreases with time. With a timeframe of up to 120 hours, it can be a stressful process of looking up the different clinics contact numbers and operating hours. 

Furthermore, you must attend the doctor’s consultation in order to obtain a prescription. No one  can obtain morning after pills on your behalf. 

This adds travelling costs and time, and queuing and waiting times at the clinic.

The good news is with the rise of telemedicine platforms, we can all breathe a little easier…

When is it an emergency?

According to the WHO, emergency contraception can be used in such situations following sexual intercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancy. These include:

  • When no contraceptive has been used
  • Sexual assault when the woman was not protected by an effective contraceptive method

(You can seek help in Singapore here)

  • When there is concern of possible contraceptive failure, from improper or incorrect use, such as:
    • Condom breakage, slippage or incorrect use
    • Missed or late administration of regular oral or injectable contraceptives
      (always check with your doctor as it varies with different products)
    • Dislodgment, breakage, tearing or early removal of a diaphragm or cervical cap
    • Failed withdrawal (e.g. ejaculation in the vagina or on external genitalia)
    • Failure of a spermicide tablet or film to melt before intercourse
    • Miscalculation of the abstinence period, or failure to abstain or use a barrier method on the fertile days of the cycle when using fertility awareness based methods
    • Expulsion of an intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) or hormonal contraceptive implant

What next?

When a morning after pill is taken, you can expect your period to happen within three weeks. A pregnancy test should be performed if your period does not happen after three weeks.

The morning after pill is meant for emergencies and should not be used as a form of ongoing birth control method. 

If you use the morning after pill more than once in a menstrual cycle, it can cause your menses to be irregular and result in unwanted side effects due to exposure to higher levels of hormones. 

Other forms of birth control are a lot more effective and less stressful to the body. Read our guide to starting birth control pills in Singapore.

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