For any additional questions, feel free to contact us and we will speak to you soon!

Do I need to be home to sign for my order?2023-03-07T17:02:12+08:00

For security reasons, only the patient or his/her authorised person can collect the medication package. If you are not home, a call will be made for you to authorise the person collecting on your behalf.

Can I return my shipment?2023-03-07T17:01:52+08:00

Unfortunately, all sales are final. We cannot accept returns on prescription products to ensure quality and assurance of all our products. 

However, if you feel we have made an error in delivering your prescription, please contact us at care@thedame.sg

Any order disputes must be reported within 7 days from the date of order placed. Read more about our cancellation and refund policies.

How do I pause or cancel my subscription?2023-03-07T17:01:27+08:00

If you wish to pause or cancel your existing subscription, access your account via “My Account” via Dame. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time and will take effect immediately.

Otherwise, get in touch and we will sort it out for you.

How do I delay or speed up my order?2023-03-07T17:01:06+08:00

To  delay or speed up your order, simply reach out to our support team and we will sort it out for you.

I missed my delivery. What should I do?2023-03-07T17:00:52+08:00

Simply reach out to our support team and we will sort it out for you.

Is Dame covered by insurance?2024-01-16T18:17:24+08:00

Dame does not have any current arrangements with insurers. However, we can definitely  provide any invoices or documents you may need to make your claims. 

Reach out to us at care@thedame.sg.

When am I charged for the medication?2023-03-07T17:00:03+08:00

You will only be charged for your chosen prescription medication after a doctor has approved of your treatment plan. 

If a consultation has been done and the doctor has not recommended any medication, you will only be charged the consultation fee, and the rest of the charges will be refunded to your original source of payment.

Your credit card will NOT be charged for the cost of the medication if you are assessed to be unsuitable for the prescription.

How much does a teleconsult cost on Dame?2024-01-16T18:24:46+08:00

There will be a first consultation fee of $25.

Subsequent follow-up consultations would cost $25 per consultation. 

Cost of a consultation covers the time spent by your doctor to carefully review your information, assess your suitability for treatment and to explain your treatment plans designed specially for you. 

At Dame, we are here to help you make the best choices for you. Do not hesitate to clarify your concerns and worries with your doctor during the consultation.

Why do you need a picture of my ID?2023-03-07T16:57:07+08:00

In Singapore, government-issued ID is required when purchasing any medication so that we can ensure that the prescribed treatment is sold to the right person of the appropriate age. 

Government-issued ID includes your NRIC, passport or driving licence.

A picture of your government-issued ID must include: first and last name, your photo, date of birth and ID expiration date (if any; it cannot be expired).

Your personal data, medical history or ID are protected and will not be shared outside of Dame. 

Government-issued ID is not required when purchasing supplements or other non-medication products.

I have additional questions after my initial consultation. What can I do?2023-03-07T16:56:47+08:00

At Dame, you have access to our WhatsApp messaging feature at no additional cost.  

However, if we find your questions best addressed by an additional consultation with your doctor, we would make a recommendation to schedule for a follow-up consultation. 

Once agreeable, we would assist to schedule an appointment with you at your convenience – no fuss at all. 

At Dame, we work to provide you with the best standards of care.  

Is a video consultation mandatory?2023-03-07T16:56:06+08:00

Yes, it is mandatory by MOH for our doctors to conduct video consults for verification purposes and to ensure we are providing medication to the right person.

When do I get to speak to a doctor?2023-03-07T16:55:43+08:00

The Dame Experience begins with a quick online survey to understand you better. Our in-house doctors will review your details within 24 hours.  

Your doctor will be calling you at your chosen time slot. 

Read more about how the Dame Experience works here.

Is it legal to prescribe medication online?2023-03-07T16:55:25+08:00

Yes it is. Dame is a telemedicine provider in compliance with Singapore’s MOH guidelines. This enables our doctors to practise medicine and treat patients remotely. 

Is telemedicine safe?2023-03-07T16:55:02+08:00

Yes. Telemedicine improves access to care for sensitive health topics in a discreet and comfortable environment.  

However, Dame acknowledges there are limitations to telemedicine – it is not for emergency conditions and is generally suitable only for non-urgent conditions. 

Dame is a partnership between us and you. Telemedicine can only be safe and effective if you feel comfortable with us. 

Dame’s doctors are dependent on the information you provide during the virtual consultation. Questions asked during consultation have to be answered as completely and accurately as you can. Dame works to provide you with the best telemedicine experience. Read MOH’s guide to using telemedicine safely here.

Is my information safe on Dame?2023-03-07T16:54:35+08:00

Yes, we understand how privacy and security is of paramount importance especially for sensitive health topics. 

All Dame consultations, services and products are in-house by The Cloud Clinic. Your data will not be shared to any third-party operator without your consent. This ensures that your data is always protected. Read our detailed privacy policy here.

Does Dame replace my primary care provider?2023-03-07T16:52:00+08:00

Dame does not replace your primary care provider. We provide convenient and discreet access to a range of sensitive healthcare services from the comfort of your own home. This reduces the need for you to shuttle between hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.

We encourage you to continue seeing your primary care provider, especially for annual check-ups, regular follow-ups and urgent care.

Who are the doctors on Dame?2023-03-07T16:51:33+08:00

All our doctors on Dame are registered with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). We conduct an extensive background check and verification process before their appointment with Dame. 

Every doctor you interact with on Dame is licensed to prescribe medicine and treat patients in Singapore. 

All our doctors abide by SMC’s Ethical Codes and Ethical Guidelines (ECEG) and take reference from the National Telemedicine Guidelines (NTG).

Is Dame credible and legal?2023-03-07T16:50:48+08:00

Yes, Dame is powered by The Cloud Clinic. We are licensed with Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH).

Dame complies with the high standards of professional and process measures by MOH to provide you telemedicine care that you can trust. Read more about the standards we adhere to hereWe are on the voluntary listing of direct telemedicine service providers, you can find us on MOH’s webpage here, on page 56 (last updated 4 January 2023).

What is Dame?2023-03-07T16:50:08+08:00

Dame is an online resource and healthcare service for the everyday woman. 

From reproductive health to beauty, we empower women with the knowledge and support to design the life they’ve imagined.

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