Normal activities (e.g. bathing or showering, using a sauna or exercising) should not affect how well the patch works. The patch is designed to stay in place during these activities. However, you should check that the patch has not fallen off after doing these activities. 

If the patch does fall off, what you need to do depends on how long it has been off.

If the patch becomes loose, lifts at the edges or falls off:
For less than one day (up to 24 hours) For more than one day (24 hours or more) or if you are not sure for how long
  • Try to put it on again or put on a new patch immediately
  • No back-up contraception is needed
  • Your “Patch Change Day” remains the same
  • Do not use adhesives or wraps to keep the patch in place
  • Put on a new patch immediately, if:
    • It is no longer sticky
    • It has become stuck to itself or another surface
    • It has other material stuck to it
    • It is the second time it has become looser or has fallen off
  • Start a new cycle immediately by putting on a new patch
  • You now have a new Day 1 and a new “Patch Change Day”
  • Use a barrier method such as a condom for the first week of your new cycle

When in doubt, please contact our support team. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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