Are inconvenient contraceptive methods such as pills or injections wearing you out? It’s time to consider the Evra Patch. Is it right for you? Read on to find out from the experts. 

This innovative form of contraception has been gaining popularity in Singapore for its convenience and ease of use. Let’s explore why women should consider using the Evra patch in Singapore as a hassle-free contraceptive option. 

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Convenience and Ease of Use

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One of the main advantages of the Evra Patch is its convenience. Unlike oral contraceptives that require daily intake or injections that need to be administered by a healthcare professional, the patch offers a hassle-free alternative.

Application and removal are simple processes that can easily be performed by women themselves without any medical assistance.


Aside from its convenience, the Evra Patch is highly effective as a contraceptive method. 

Clinical studies have shown that when used correctly, it has a high success rate in preventing pregnancy. In fact, its effectiveness is comparable to other commonly used contraceptive options. This means that women can have peace of mind and rely on the patch for their contraception needs.

Simply Forgetful? (Improved Adherence)

A new Evra patch is replaced on a weekly basis compared to taking a Mercilon pill on a daily basis. 

Studies have found that a weekly patch application appears to result in improved adherence to the birth control regime.

Being able to adhere to your contraceptive option is as important as its effectiveness at preventing pregnancy decreases when used incorrectly.

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We always recommend consulting a doctor before starting any medication. 

Non-Surgical Option

Unlike contraceptive methods such as implants or intrauterine devices, the Evra Patch does not require any surgical procedures. There are no incisions or invasive methods involved in its use. 

Women can simply apply the patch to their skin and remove it when necessary, without the need for any surgeries. This makes it a convenient and non-invasive option for contraception.

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Regularity and Consistency

The Evra Patch ensures regular and consistent hormone delivery, which is a vital aspect of effective contraception.

By wearing the patch for a week at a time, women can maintain stable hormone levels in their body. This regularity in hormone release helps in preventing pregnancy and can also have potential advantages for menstruation regulation and hormone-related symptoms.

Fewer Side Effects

Reports suggest that the Evra Patch may result in fewer side effects compared to classic oral contraceptive methods. 

Since the patch delivers hormones directly through the skin, it bypasses the digestive system, potentially reducing the risk of digestive issues associated with some oral contraceptives. 

Many women have reported improved experiences with the Evra Patch, including a decrease in headaches, nausea, or mood changes that are commonly associated with other contraceptive methods.

Flexibility and Reversibility

Flexibility is an advantage provided by the Evra Patch. Unlike pills that need to be taken at the same time every day, the patch offers more flexibility in terms of timing. 

It can be applied once a week, and as long as it stays in place, contraception remains effective.

Furthermore, discontinuing the use of the patch is also easy and reversible. If a woman decides to stop using the patch, the contraceptive effect wears off quickly, allowing for a swift return to natural fertility.


The Evra Patch is an excellent option for women in Singapore who want a hassle-free contraceptive method that eliminates the need for pills or injections. 

Its convenience, effectiveness, lower hormone dose, non-invasive nature, regularity, and flexibility make it a compelling choice. 

With fewer side effects compared to other methods, the Evra Patch provides women with a great option for hassle-free contraception. 

Consider discussing this option with a doctor from Dame to determine if it is the right choice for you.

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